We have had plenty of rain at Calverton over the past few weeks and the Estate continues to look beautiful and green with the river running well. The waterfall is a special welcome to the Estate and a walk to the base is a must when visiting.  We have stocked the river numerous times during 2018 and the fishing is reportedly very good. Many projects have been completed this year and have all enhanced to the magic of Calverton. The summer wild flowers are in full bloom and the birds are in full song.

 Glentana is tucked up on the right, in its own unique surroundings, as you make your journey through the Estate. A well-stocked dam is strategically placed right on the door step of Glentana and this dam is fed from Little Glentana which in turn is fed from the wetlands above.  Sitting on the veranda one can soak in the beauty of the Krantz directly in front and listen to the birds and frogs in full symphony. There is spot light that shines onto the Krantz at night.

Little Glentana

Glentana dam – this dam is well stocked with trout

A bench was been erected on the Glentana dam wall. This is an ideal place to sit and enjoy a drink as you watch the sun set.

Most of the foliage around the edge of the dam has been removed to make fishing more accessible.

A path has been cleared from the Glentana dam wall down to the road – coming out near the picnic site.

Brutus dam is well stocked with some good sized trout. Mountain heath, Brutus, Old man’s beard, Passerina and Ou Hout weirs are other areas where one can picnic and the children can run around and expend some of their energy.

Now that summer has arrived a visit to Myrsine Africana, which is the botanical name for the beautiful little Cape-myrtle, is a definite area to take a rest – have a swim in the pool or sit on the log and soak in the ambiance.  The children will enjoy a swim here. This is located just before you get to Island.

Island is aptly named and is certainly one of the prettiest areas of the river walk and is home to many water birds. A walk way has been erected at Island –an ideal place to fish from or to sit and relax. A fishing platform has also been built at Island next to the road. The fishing in this area is reportedly very good.

There is always plenty of fire wood in the lodges for those cosy evenings after a day out in the fresh air.

  • A booking will only be confirmed once a deposit is paid
  • A tick list will be sent on confirmation of booking please take note of this list
  • Directions will be sent with invoice – please do not use the GPS co-ordinates – it take you away from the dirt road Weltevreden Road
  • All forms of fire arms are strictly prohibited
  • Fishing rules must be adhered to please.
  • Pet friendly (with certain conditions)

We appeal to guests to please fill their catches/releases in the fishing log book – this helps when stocking the dams/weirs.

Please email calvertonlodge90@gmail for any information you may require.