Calverton Estate provides an idyllic setting for interesting walks with a rich diversity of fauna and devils diceflora, including grassland flowers and different species of wild orchids. Nature walks along the Uitsoek Trail brings you to the border of Calverton Estate, providing several pristine pools for swimming, fly fishing or simply appreciating the natural beauty. Walks through the wild is encouraged and Outdoor Enthusiasts will definitely enjoy the new experience that Calverton provides. Bring your fly fishing rod along just in case you find the perfect spot. Natural trails lead all throughout the trout farm and are frequented by both fisherman and nature walkers alike.

Along such walks you may spot the rare and beautiful Devils Dice. These are perfect cubes made from black volcanic rock deposited along the escarpment a millennium ago. Many visitors to Calverton become hooked on picking up these rare treasures and creating framed artwork with their finds. Examples of these fascinating artworks can be viewed at both Sherbrook & Glentana houses. These are 4 Star Guest Houses that are serviced and are also self catering so you can decide exactly what you want to eat and drink on your stay. Any rubbish created is to be put in the dustbins provided. Littering is strictly prohibited during fly fishing excursions, or hiking, or any other activity. Simplest way to deal with litter is to keep it in a backpack until you return to a guest house. The lodges are designed to be elegant and luxurious, while not impeding on the pristine beauty of the surrounding mountains, rivers, weirs and all kinds of green growing from everywhere.