When I was taking my early morning walk contemplating the Calverton blog I was reminded about two very well-known songs or movies of memory.

Sound of music

The Sound of music.

When you look at the weeping love grass waving in the wind you can just imagine Maria dancing amongst it singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music”.   In turn the trees and their leaves are certainly having a party dancing in the wind, and the Bracken Fern and Ink Berry bushes are growing in leaps and bounds all over the Estate just adding to the ‘green’ feeling.


Singing in the rain. Singing in th rain

As soon as the much needed rain starts to fall over the Estate it literally comes alive with all the birds singing and the Speckled Pigeons and Doves lying on the ground with their wings pointed heavenwards, just soaking up the drops of rain.




Calverton Estate has literally come alive again now that summer is here and we are having a few thunder showers – but sadly we do need a lot more rain in order for the river to flow at its full potential. The mist still rolls in occasionally and there are times when the Estate is totally shrouded.

Again when I was taking my early morning walk I just looked at all the surroundings and thought this has to be a small piece of paradise. As the first rays of sun start to creep over the eastern hills the dew on the grass literally shimmers and the birds show their pure delight at the sign of another day dawning. It is quiet and peaceful and so therapeutic – I even tread carefully so as to not disturb the natural noises. The spoor on the road gives evidence to the fact that Calverton has many night prowlers and the frogs sing out their tunes and hop into the water as I pass.  Personally I can only describe a walk along the river as being like opening Pandora’s Box – you just don’t know what is going to be around the next corner.