Calverton’s Aloe Arborescens – Krantz Aloe at Calvertonaloe2

South Africa’s native tribes used this aloe medicinally in the regions in which it is found. The Zulu women would gather the plant for use during childbirth. The crushed leaves were used to create an antibacterial paste. The Zulu men would also use the plant to treat stomach ache and sick livestock. Crushed leaves are used to treat burns and wounds. This plant is also used by South Africa’s native witch doctors, especially for protection charms that are believed to keep one safe during storms. Its habitat can vary and is one of only a few species of aloe that is found growing from sea level up to the tops of mountains.

These beautifully useful aloe’s can be seen all over Calverton, with blooming flowers mostly in Winter.  Its natural habitat usually consists of mountainous areas including rocky outcrops and exposed ridges which is much of the terrain at Calverton. The plants common name, ‘Krantz Aloe’ refers to the Afrikaans word “krantz”, which means a rocky cliff. Towards the end of the river on Calverton property there is many places which could be called rocky cliffs and the Krantz Aloe can be found in plenty here.