The woods are full of fairies!
The trees are alive:
The river overflows with them.
See how they dip and dive!
What funny little fellows!
What dainty little dears!
They dance and leap, and prance and peep,
And utter fairy cheers!

CALVERTON’s Monthly Update: January

Do you remember when we were all little and believed in Father Christmas, Easter Bunnies and Fairies and how sad and disappointed we were when we discovered it was in fact our parents that ate the Christmas pies, drank the beer and would throw away our tooth and replace it with money, ate the carrot for the bunny and left Easter eggs in the nest we had carefully built at the end of our beds. We continued this tradition with our children and enjoyed the delight in their faces secretly smiling to ourselves and so it goes on.

We had only been on the Estate a few days when I discovered what I now call the fairy post box. This is located close to the water fall – a tranquil part of the Estate with lots of lush undergrowth.

mailbox   local river system

On my daily walk I always pass this post box and this is how my affliction with the Calverton Fairies began and is now a ritual. Some of you may say “oh shame poor Sheryl” she has lost it – I promise I have not – just a believer and maybe reliving a childhood belief at 63 I might add!!

When I first posted this on the Calverton FB one friend commented “if there are fairies they definitely live at Calverton. Fairies like woody/shady areas as the sun damages their wings and they like water and the sounds of the wind and to play in the swaying grass – so this all lends to an ideal place for them to live.

I decided that there were three team leaders and they each have their teams of fairies to help them. I have named them after the initials of the 3 Directors of Calverton:

  • Kira –she and her team care for the wellbeing/safety of the people of Calverton and Three Falls farm where Pierre and Jan live
  • Angie she is the team leader of the fauna
  • Cloe and her team look after the flora and the river

Ok so now you have the picture and can share in my adventure with the Calverton fairies…

As I mentioned I walk past their post box every day and gently remind them of their responsibilities and give my requests for the day and night ahead.

There is a part of the river that I am sure is their swimming pool as the water literally comes alive as it passes over the rocks and makes a gentle soothing noise as it passes on down to the next weir.  The river lilies along the bank were spectacular this year – a happy playing ground for them.

flowers  river  river 2

Prior to our arrival at Calverton the fairies probably had a peaceful existence. Since I decided that fairies do live here they have been kept very busy. I told them I don’t want to see evidence of wild life (spoor) I want to see them and they really have obliged on that front.

The bird life has increased immensely in the last year –and all the little creepy crawlies have emerged and taking their place on the Estate – all indicating the good care the fairies are taking of them and inviting them into their playground.

We did not have trees in our yard just bushes so Terry and his troops have kindly ‘planted’ trees for me (cemented into the ground) and these have been a huge success – the birds daily meals are either stuck onto the branches or placed in and around the area.


What’s on their menu?

wild bird seed, sunflower seeds, various types of fruit, bread crumbs and butchers bone meal and any left overs. The weavers have moved in literally and are building nests all over some being pulled apart by the dis-satisfied wives! Kim the black – shouldered Kite is a permanent resident and his meal consists of the field mice that I feed with left overs – I get sad but that is nature I keep telling myself – the same as the fish eagle who takes the trout from the river but I have not named the trout (as yet) so not too heart sore about that.

The forest buzzards hopefully keep the snakes at bay definitely will not make friends with any snake out here although some are harmless. Even the fairies can’t control this pin tailed whydah – he has total dominance.

                    bird 2    bird

Its bird baby time and it is just so rewarding watching all the little ones run/fly after their mothers with their little mouths open – saying “feed me, feed me”. A loaf of bread is broken up every day and scattered all over the lawn – the field mice and bird’s cohabitate on this level. For the birds refreshments we have various bird baths, they also drink and bath in the natural rock pools after the rains.