Whiskey the feral cat visits every night for his bone meal and Jack the jackal calls around later for his bones. The night visitors along the river walk leave their spoor as evidence of their existence.

The hartebeest and klipspringer are regular visitors to our yard and feed off the game blocks we have strategically placed. Mommy, Daddy and Junior klippie and Mommy, Happy, Harry and Harvey Haarties.

wildlife 2 wildlife 3 wildlife

The wildebeest, Blesbok and Eland are keeping their distance but we often see them on the green hills around us (they visit from Three Falls). The Eland seemed to have taken walk about but just this morning Terry and I saw 5 magnificent Eland – outside the Three Falls and Calverton fence though – we have left our gates open in the hope that they will be enticed to return inside, they have been known to just break the fence down which requires all hands on deck to fix them. Pierre kindly spreads lucerne and game pellets along the farm roads to keep them happy, together with the blesbok, wildebeest, duiker and hartebeest.

Freddie and Freda frog and Gerry the gecko feed on the insects that come to the lights at night. The multitudes of butterflies enjoy the fruit that is left out; they certainly dance with the fairies on the flower petals.

Billy and Gilly Bunny and their offspring are very happy bunnies and enjoy the apples that are left out for them along with some of Grannies plants in the gardens!! Billy is so tame he even comes onto the veranda, I will not be sharing my glass of wine though!

The moles happily go about their business of building tunnels and then depositing the soil in mounds all over the lawns at the lodges and picnic area’s – I am not sure if the fairies visit them underground!

I know that fairies are kind little people but I am afraid I have to draw the line with the baboons especially Bob the baboon (yes he is back) – he tore down one of the weavers nests the other day. Terry has been instructed to get his paint ball gun out again and paint these guys out of here!!

So the above proves that Angie and her team are taking good care of the fauna. 🙂

It could be said that Terry is literally working to feed the animals – I promise I feed him too!!!!!

The Estate is looking so green and lush, the wild flowers are so picturesque and the grasses sway gently in the breeze.

foliage bush

We needed rain so desperately and that was one of my daily messages for the fairies – bring the rain and they did – we can always do with more but are grateful for what we have had so far. The river is running well and the trout swim merrily in the weirs – when they are not under attack from the Otto’s and the fishermen. The crabs do the sideways tango along the river road and seek refuge in the undergrowth from the fish eagles that hover overhead.

As I have said before the river walk is magical – with plenty of places to just sit and listen to the birds singing and the gentle sound of running water. You constantly hear the plop of little frogs as they jump into the water on your approach.

Kira and her team are constantly on duty as Terry and his merry men go about their duties on the Estate often aided by Pierre and his team, especially when Pierre is on the TLB building weirs and laying electric cables – and of course both of them falling in the river much to the mirth of the labourers. We had what one would term a nightmare for lodge managers when one of the lodge’s water pipes burst and the ceiling collapsed under the weight of the water and the lodge was totally flooded. Boy oh boy did the fairies work hard that day but by the end we had it all dried out and now it is in the processes of being fixed. The wooden floors all lifted and have had to be re-laid.

Control burning will commence soon so all the fairies will join forces to keep everyone safe. Thank goodness the undergrowth in the plantations is still very damp from the rains. Since the plantation behind us was cut down we experience very high winds as it did act as a buffer.

Often when I open the curtains in the morning Terry and I sing ‘on a misty morning’ as the mist rolls in and can sometimes last most of the day whilst Three Falls Farm enjoys the sun.

When the sun sets in the West the moon in all is glory rises from the East and the stars come out twinkling through the night – the fairies wrap their little wings and settle down although still watching over us and the night visitors.

I hate to sound like a sissy but most nights I have my electric blanket on – or maybe it is old age creeping up!!!!!!

We had a successful 2015 with guests to the lodges and hope that 2016 will be even better as I continue with my marketing drives. The guests and in some cases their dogs spend many hours fishing, walking and generally relaxing with a cold glass of wine.

I constantly ask the Calverton fairies to wrap their wings around our friends all over the world and I know they do.

The fairies of Calverton are happy little people and like Terry and I they look forward to visits from our friends and guests to the lodges.


Just as I know there are fairies at Calverton so I believe there is a pot of gold. When I find it I will share it with all of you!!


Hugs as always…