Leopard at Calverton

A few weeks back I posted pics of the leopard kill we spotted on the side of the river road. Now our main focus was to actually spot the leopard.  Then early one morning Bongi (Estate ranger) radioed Terry to say the leopard had just walked right past their compound. Terry rushed down there and started searching the krantz in front of the compound.  He was rewarded the leopard briefly appeared on the rocks and then jumped down into the undergrowth.  Action immediately – Terry was on the radio to Pierre and I. Pierre rushed home to fetch his bino’s, camera  and Jan who was still enjoying her first cup of coffee.  We all rushed down to the spotting sight and set about finding this leopard.  The staff all joined in -it was like a sighting at the Kruger except we were all out of our vehicles.  We were rewarded the staff suddenly spotted him moving amongst the trees and bracken – great excitement – you could actually see the bracken move as he passed through. Then all of a sudden he appeared in the open very briefly though.

The general consensus was he was very light not like the leopard we are used to seeing.  After much calibration we came to the conclusion that he in all probability is a red leopard – which is very rare.  Sadly he has not been spotted again and we think he may have moved off the Estate now.

Recent visitors to the Estate have been ecstatic with the variety of birds around the lodges and along the river. The ink berries are all ripe so the red winged starlings and pigeons are in their element.

The eland, wildebeest and hartebeest still visit from Three Falls farm along with the klipspringers and duikers.  The harties below were on our front lawn feeding from the game block.

game calverton antelope calverton








Controlled burning has now started and although it looks scary it is well managed, a change in wind direction can result in a few hairy moments.  The rains came just after the last big burn so that certainly put our minds at rest that there would be no flare ups. The grass has already turned green in this area enticing the birds and game back.

controlled burning1 controlled burning2









Although we know you can’t please all of the people all of the time, to this end we welcome comments and recommendations – these can be emailed to Calvertonlodge90@gmail.com. We encourage guests to please make use of the visitor’s books in both lodges for comments.

Emails received from guests:

  • A big thank you from all of us for the way you looked after us when we stayed at Calverton. It truly is a magical place and one can see that there is real care in looking after it. We had the best time together as a family and have been telling all our friends and family.
  • We had a great few days at Calverton, and were greatly impressed with the beauty and the maintenance of the river and the entire property.  The lodge too, is extremely comfortable.
  • Thank you very much for your kind hospitality over the weekend a peace of heaven.
  • We had a wonderful stay at Glentana – pity it couldn’t have been longer.

John took me for a drive to the end gate to show me what I had missed.  It is absolutely beautiful all the way along the river.

  • Looking forward to next time, heavenly place.
  • We will definitely be back

Comment made to Terry by one of our guests:-

Can I ask you an important question “when you die where do you think you will go”- Terry said “well if the big man will have me I will go to heaven” – he replied, “but Terry you are in heaven already

Leah Kennedy drew this trout for us and it is now framed and hanging on a wall in Glentana.

Childrens Drawing Trout

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