Calverton Estate

A journey through Calverton Estate: – the beauty literally begins as you turn off the main road and drive through the Pine trees towards the Calverton gate. The first view that greets you is that of Three Falls Farm, down to the west, in all its glory and then Calverton ahead just waiting to wow you with its serene beauty.

As you enter the Estate you experience the melodious sound of the Krantz water fall and the bird calls welcoming you. A few metres down on the right you see the fairy post box/garden – and I always encourage children to post a wish there as I believe we have plenty of kind caring fairies on Calverton.

Sunset bench is situated on the left of the road just down from the main gate. Cell phone reception is good from here. The sun sets are very special.

Sherbrook lodge stands majestically on the left surrounded by 6 well stocked weirs. Sherbrook also boasts its own water fall the water runs through rock pools and spills over the falls.

Glentana is tucked up on the right, in its own unique surroundings, as you make your journey through the Estate. A well-stocked dam is strategically placed right on the door step of Glentana and this dam is fed from Little Glentana which in turn is fed from the wetlands above. Sitting on the veranda one can soak in the beauty of the Krantz directly in front and listen to the birds and frogs in full symphony.

The river walk starts at Waxberry weir for the Sherbrook guests and then up past lily pond

The Glentana guest will start their river walk from the picnic site.

A picnic area can be found around Hypericum, Nitidula and Rhamnus weirs. The water runs gently over the rocks here and this is where I say that the farm fairies swim. An ideal spot for lunch or a sundowner

Rhus, Tree Fern and Ilex Mitus weirs create their own beauty and the Ilex Mitus tree at the edge of the river is a perfect specimen of this special tree.

Myrsine Africana, which is the botanical name for the beautiful little Cape-myrtle, is a definite area to take a rest, have a swim in the pool or sit on the log and soak in the ambiance. The children will enjoy a swim here.

Island is aptly named and is certainly one of the prettiest areas of the walk and is home to many water birds. A walk way has been erected at Island an ideal place to fish from or to sit and relax. A fishing platform has also been built at Island next to the road. The fishing in this area is reportedly very good.

Mountain heath, Brutus, Old man’s beard, Passerina and Ou Hout weirs is another area where one can picnic and the children can run around and expend some of their energy.


Rock pool is a new weir and is located near the top of the Estate. Trout have been stocked and it is fast becoming a popular location for fishing.

There are a few more, as yet, unnamed weirs leading up to the gate at the top of the Estate. These weirs were built by the then State forester in the 50’s and are collectively known as the Forester’s weirs! It is interesting to note that it was in this section of the river, in 1910, that mister A.C.Braun who was a jeweller in Lydenburg, stocked the first trout including brownies! All the weirs are well stocked with rainbow trout and good sized trout have been caught and recorded.

As one approaches the gate a glance to the left will reveal stone kraals. It is thought that these structures date back to the 1800’s and were used by nomadic herdsmen.

The gate at the top of the Estate is locked at all times.

The weirs mentioned have been appropriately named after relevant trees and shrubs in the vicinity and this information can be found in the brochure provided in the lodges.

You can now meander back along the river path or walk down the river road. On the left, as you return down the road, you will come across the natural spring where the water supplied in the lodges is drawn from. Stop here and fill up your water bottles with fresh cool mountain water. Now you can return to your lodges having enjoyed some good exercise and with lungs full of fresh clean mountain air.

Wood is supplied for those cosy evenings around a fire.

We ask guests to please bring charcoal and fire lighters.

Calverton Klipspringers can often be seen on the Krantz near to the water fall

The bird life is prolific around the lodges and along the river walk. A full list of Calverton birds is available in the lodges.

  • Please abide by the fishing rules
  • In addition to the above there are some very scenic drives, walks, hikes on the borders of Calverton so please ask the Estate Manager for more details.
  • Many of our guests bring their mountain bikes and enjoy rides around the Estate and surrounding areas
  • The collecting of devils dice has become very popular plenty to be found on the road leading up to the big tree on the border of Calverton and Three Falls and along the road to the top gate.

Mist rolling in over the Estate                                                                                     Lush vegetation

A small wedding service was held at OuHout Weir

The Calverton Aloes are spectacular unfortunately they only last for a few months of the year.

Sun rising over Calverton Estate

Please email for winter/mid-week specials.

There is a path leading up to the waterfall.                                        Hypericum weir