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Calverton Estate: Luxury Resort & Natural Fly Fishing Gem

Calverton Estate is situated in the Sabie Nature Reserve, nestled within the mountains near Lydenburg, in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. This is a natural beauty only 3 hours from Johannesburg which offers luxury self-catering, fully serviced lodge accommodation for fly-fishing and nature enthusiast’s. This is a getaway known as the premier retreat for the discerning fly fisherman.

The Estate offers 2 Luxury Guest Lodges as well as untouched, crystal-clear mountain spring waterways, including several waterfalls and countless rock pools along the rivers, all of which are perfect for rainbow trout to breed, grow and populate the waters. This means Calverton offers a unique natural fly fishing experience that’s unrivalled anywhere in Africa. Calverton Estate offers a once in a lifetime experience of pure natural bliss. The rock pools along the river are perfect spots for both rainbow and the illusive brown trout to breed in. To ensure a great fishing experience, the weirs are stocked regularly to keep trout numbers up and allow for guests to still keep a few to truly complete the perfect lunch or dinner spread. Catch & Release is preferred of course, however 5 trout per stay per lodge is acceptable. Calverton Estate boasts several kilometres of breath-taking waters that allow a wide variety of choices for a nature enthusiast, an avid hiker seeking a unique getaway or anyone in love with fly fishing in nature’s paradise.

For those that prefer a simple walk or a more intensive hike through the picturesque, unique, and simple beauty of nature, will certainly not be disappointed. The escarpment is a must see for all guests that appreciate spectacular views, basically it’s something that should not to be missed by anyone lucky enough to visit Calverton Estate. The Escarpment is part of the greater Sabie Nature Reserve, meaning it’s basically an extension of the natural, untouched paradise that is Calverton Estate. The hike up to the top of the Estate allows for the Escarpments true beauty to be revealed in all its natural splendour, this is a sight to take your breath away & make you fall deeply in love with this unique gem nestled within the great Drakensburg Mountain range. This sheer cliff face thousands of meters high creates a view that is unrivalled anywhere and nature that’s totally undisturbed by the hand of man. This is a natural wonder and a creation unblemished by the ravages of time, but instead it still grows even higher and more beautiful over time, allowing this great wonder to offer an immortal kind of beauty, that’s always a privilege & an honour to behold.

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